Corein, C.A is a highly capable reinsurance brokerage responsible of analyzing, identifying, and rating risks. We have proven throughout its track record, seriousness, trust and professionalism to insurers, retail companies and reinsurers. Our staff is made up of professionals with many years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance sectors, who today make Corein, C.A. , a reference company within the various insurance companies and intermediaries at all levels. Currently our team is composed with the following professionals:

Jorge Adarme Rincón


Francisco Sifontes Diaz

Maritime, Oil and Energy, Transportation.

Francisco Sifontes Torres

Aviation, Engineering and Special Risks

Carlos Vezga Villalobos


Jhonny Pena Urdaneta

Operations Manager

Our organization

COREIN C.A. in an international Reinsurance Broker subscribed to the Venezuelan Chamber of Reinsurance Brokers (Venezuelan Chamber of Reinsurance Brokers) with more than 30 years in the market. we are a Broker specialized in national and international placements of Helmets and Machinery, Aviation, Protection and Indemnification (P&I Clubs), Property. Civil Liability, Engineering, Bank Bail, Ship, Repairers Liability, Cargo Transportation and Insurance Programs for the Oil Industry.

Our staff is made up of a team of highly trained professionals in each and every one of the areas, to effectively and efficiently satisfy the needs of our clients, the Insurance Companies.

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Our specialities

COREIN has placed important marine accounts whose operations are in Venezuelan waters and the Caribbean Sea, such as fleet of vessels (boats, tugboats, cranes brages, ferries, supply vessels, barges, drilling equipment, etc.) as well as transportation of equipment used by the oil industry and ship repairers.

We also manage accounts of another nature, such as: coil mines, cement plants, beer plants, aircraft, personal accidents, among others. Additionally, we have vast experience in everything related to Reinsurance for the Oil Industry, Contractors and Petrochemicals.

Our facultative placements are made mainly through Lloyd’s of London Brokers; specialized in each area, which uses its First Line Reinsurer Values, which demonstrates to Insurers that they are 100% covered in the event of a claim, guaranteeing their compensation.

Our Issued Premium Folio is distributed mainly in the fields of Helmets and Machinery, P&I, cargo, All Risks, Civil Liability and Aviation. Therefore, our folio is very diverse. Our team is highly experienced in reinsurance activities and has personally managed most of these accounts.

We currently have an Errors and Omissions Policy with a limit of US $ 3,000,000 covered 100% by Lloyd’s Underwriters, which offers our clients extra protection in our optional Placements.